Map of painted churches
The Auvergne Region
18th &19th century churches



     The churches with paintings in the Bourbonnais posses, besides the undeniable richness of their décor, some original features that are interesting to recall.

  If the majority of them are dedicated to Notre Dame ( Briailles, Fleuriel, Huriel, St.Germain des Fossés) or Saint Pierre ( Chateloy, Loddes, Verneuil) two of them refer to a Bourbonnais saint, Saint Pourçain at Louchy Montfand and Saint Mazeran at Brout Vernet.

Saint Martial at Contigny makes reference to the 1st Bishop of Limoges, whereas Saint Eloi de Vitray was Limousine of origin.
The very classic Saint Martin presides over Jenzat and Lurcy Levis.

      At Escurolles, the church of Saint Cyr and Sainte Julitte is distinguished by the absence of a spire. The mechanics of the bell rest on a structure on the ground and at Saulcet, the stone spire which reaches the height of 36 metres was restored in 2010. Saint André of Taxat and its unusual tower has for a long time been known for the absence of a roof over the nef. The new roof was put on in 2011.

On its promontory, Saint Laurent of Châtel de Neuvre offers a magnificent view of the wilder regions of the Allier.

At Veurdre the chapel of Saint Mayeul is in private property. The community has done a photographic reproduction of the paintings which are presented in the ‘Maison du Patrimoine’ of the village.

Saint Pierre and Paul of Souvigny is noted for the tombs of Saint Mayeul and Saint Odilon, but also for the recumbent statues of the Bourbons.

Saint Léger of Ebreuil is one of the rare churches with a very solidly built roof, making it possible to have two large bays, whereas at Lurcy Levis you will be surprised by the structure of an inverted framework of the hull of a boat.
Saint Symphorien of Biozat is characterized by the massive auvergnat support of the spire, which has been modified several times, and by the magnificently restored paintings.

Its portal restored, the capital of Saint Jacques and the automatic lighting make for the originality of the church of Notre Dame of Fleuriel.

Finally, do not forget to visit Saint Saturnin at Mazerier and see its magnificent spire in chestnut shingle nor Saint Aignan at Bégues for its finely restored paintings.




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