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     The wall paintings and frescoes that one can discover in numerous churches in Auvergne constitute an inestimable inheritance from the Middle Ages and the Romanesque and Gothic periods.

     The Allier department and particularly the Sioule Valley, with an inventory of more than twenty churches, offers a rich panorama that you can discover thanks to the « Route des Eglises Peintes du Bourbonnais » - a route that sometimes runs parallel to the « Chemin de St Jacques ».

     It is with natural materials – slaked lime, sand and mineral pigments as well as the white of egg, charcoal etc – that the artists, guided by the monks, and those who ordered the work, did :

-         Single paintings like the « Entreaty in Times of Plague »

-         Religious cycles such as those of the Passion or the Nativity

-         The life of saints,Catherine, François or others with names more Auvergnat such as Austremoine

-         Sometimes even simple decorations of arches, revealing the architectural details.

     How can a tourist possibly imagine today that most of the walls of these churches were covered with paintings, unless he takes the time to come and visit the most emblematic amongst them : Jenzat, Saulcet, Ebreuil, Chateloy, Biozat ?

     You will, then, understand the interest of these associations and communes who work to save and restore them.

Association de Sauvegarde des Monuments Peints


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En 2013, l'association poursuivra son action d'aide aux touristes

-en signalant les édifices peints par le panonceau ci-dessous -en mettant à disposition, dans la plupart d'entre eux, des fiches de visite et des brochures en décrivant les éléments les plus caractéristiques.


Vous trouverez courant mars sur la page "Manifestations" le planning des visites nocturnes qui seront organisées dans les églises du département mais aussi dans les départements limitrophes.
         Que la visite continue!

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