Map of painted churches
The Auvergne Region
18th &19th century churches



   In the Auvergne, there are, to be sure, Puys, lakes and cheeses, but there are also the churches, mostly of the Romanesque period. Besides the grand buildings, known for their characteristic architecture, there exist a multitude of more modest churches in which many have rich paintings.Two sectors carry a particular testimony : the Bourbonnais to the North and the Haute-Loire to the South.

   At the doorway to the Auvergne, the  Route of the Churches with Paintings in the Bourbonnais  assembles twenty three medieval sites, filled with art and history, reaching the four corners of the department of the Allier and placed under the influence of its great neighbours which were, at that period, Bourgogne, the Auvergne and the Berry. An excursion in the neighbouring Puy de Dome also permits you to discover the paintings of Aigueperse, Ennezat and Montferry or Ris.



The church of Montfermy at the edge of Sioule

Painting of the church of Montfermy

Painting Vof the church of Laughter The Visitation - Detail of the portraits of Marie and Elisabeth


Painting of the church of Ennezat (three lively and three deaths)



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